prismaread allows easily importing PRISMA hyperspectral data ( from the original data provided by ASI in HDF format, and convert them to a easier to use format (ENVI or GeoTiff). It also provides functionality for automatically computing Spectral Indexes from either the original HDF data or from hyperspectral data already converted using function pr_convert, and for easily and quickly extracting data and computing statistics for the different bands over areas of interest.

prismaread was developed by Lorenzo Busetto, Institute of Remote Sensing of Environment - National Research Council - Italy (CNR-IREA)

Lorenzo maintained prismaread until 21st October 2020, when he suddenly passed away. Currently the package development is frozen. If you need help, please refer to the package documentation at


You can install the last stable version of prismaread from GitHub using:

# install.packages("remotes")
remotes::install_github("lbusett/prismaread", ref = "v1.0.0")

, or the last development version using:

# install.packages("remotes")


See the Articles section of the website for detailed info on usage.

Future Work

  • Improve speed of writing FULL hyperspectral cubes

  • Clean up code


To cite prismaread please use:

Busetto, L., Ranghetti, L. (2020) prismaread: A tool for facilitating access and analysis of PRISMA L1/L2 hyperspectral imagery v1.0.0, URL:, doi: